Driver Packages – My Frustration

Driver packages are the reason for one of my biggest annoyances in this job, or rather the way they’re delivered to the end users – so this I ask to all concerned parties:

Computer manufacturers, why bother creating a self extracting exe file for your drivers, if you’re just going to go and zip that up in a standard zip file? I beg you – please just choose one or the other.

I know it’s not that big of a deal to have to unzip the file then extract the exe, but it’s fucking annoying when I’m trying to import the drivers into my WDS server, and I have 30 zip files because you have 3 flavours of the same laptop model.

By the time I’ve unzipped and extracted the files, they could have being imported into WDS and I’d probably have started imaging too.┬áJust put the drivers in a zip file and nothing else is needed. With the right tools I can even mass unzip them, rather than unzipping each one twice!

I wouldn’t mind if you compressed the zip, but in fact you don’t – meaning there’s no benefit – you’re just pissing people off, and I think by now you’re doing it on purpose.

I feel I should point out, this doesn’t apply to all manufacturers. Shout out to Fujitsu who’ve got it right – Just install their driver manager, select your model, and it puts all the driver packages (unzipped) in one nicely organised folder for you, ready to import into WDS.

This post maybe a slight over reaction, but that’s what years of built up minor annoyance does to you. Fujitsu – a pat on the back. Everyone else – sort it out… please?

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