Enable Flash Player Google Chrome / Microsoft Edge

Google Chrome & Microsoft Edge (Chromium Version) have Flash player built in as standard and auto updates; however Adobe have announced end of life for Flash in December 2020. In light of this, Google & Microsoft have now blocked Flash by default in Chrome & Edge to spur website owners to update their site to a newer technology such as HTML5. The following steps will allow you to enable flash player again.

UPDATE (Jan 2021): Flash is no longer supported by Adobe, and therefore it is advised to NOT continue using it. Depending on your version of Chrome/Edge, the below may still work, however in later versions this will also be removed.
FIX: If you need to access a flash-based site, it’s still possible by following the below steps to enable flash player:
  1. Above the web page in Google Chrome, to the left of the web address, click the padlock as shown below . (On some sites not secured by SSL you will see a “i” in a circle instead or simply the words “not secure”.)
    Image showing where padlock is situated
  2. Where Flash is shown, click the drop-down menu and change it to “Allow”  (as shown below). On some websites you won’t have this option, however if this is the case, click “Site Settings” and continue to step 3.
    Image showing site information menu
    a) If you were able to change the Flash section to “Allow” in the previous step, refresh the page and Flash should now    be working.You can run a test here on Adobe’s website to test Flash is working in your browser.
  3. (Only applies if you had to click Site Settings in Step 2).
    A new tab will open. In the new tab to the right of “Flash,” click the drop-down menu and then Allow.
    Image showing site settings tab
    a) Go back to the site and reload the page, and Flash should now be working.You can run a test here on Adobe’s website to test Flash is working in your browser.


This process now needs to be done for each Flash based site on each computer you use. Once this has been done for one site however, that site will continue to work. It is possible to enable Flash completely however not recommended for security reasons.

It’s also worth noting that as the end of life date draws closer for Adobe Flash, it’s possible that Google & Microsoft may change this process, or block Flash altogether.

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