How to edit a PDF – Easy Method!

In years gone by, the question of how to edit a pdf was fairly complicated without the correct (and sometimes expensive) software. However more recently this has become very straight forward.

Assuming you have Office 2016, Office 2019 or Office 365 Apps installed, there’s actually very little you need to do – Word is now able to convert a PDF to allow for editing. This is possible as of Office 2013, but is more reliable in 2019.

How to open a PDF in Microsoft Word
  1. Open word, then click Open > Browse
  2. In the next window that opens, click the drop down box that says “All Word Documents” and choose “PDF Files”. Then browse for your PDF file and click open
  3. Your PDF will now open in Word but might not yet be editable. It sometimes freezes briefly when opening, this is normal but depends on the size of your PDF. This is caused by Word having to convert your PDF to a word document.
  4. If your document isn’t immediately editable, you will need to click the “Enable editing” button on the yellow bar across the top of the document. This may or may not show depending on the source of the PDF and the settings on your machine.


That’s it, that’s how to edit a PDF easily! It’s worth noting that some PDFs may not convert very well. If they are graphic/image heavy or contain a lot of tables, however this only seems to improving in Office 2019 and new releases of Office 365.

Further information is available about this functionality on the Microsoft website here.

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